Here at SH Projects, we are committed to becoming a more sustainable business as it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate the way we work and operate, constantly evaluating how our company can be working in a responsible way whilst at the same time continuing to grow as a business.

This includes sustainability in the office, employee travel, sustainability on site and sustainability through our marketing and promotional materials. We are also continually building relationships with suppliers of sustainable materials to be able to offer our clients an alternative way of working, by incorporating more environmentally friendly options in their projects moving forward.

SH Projects is now a member of the Solihull Sustainability Vision Group (SSVG), which runs quarterly meetings, providing updates on local companies and how they are working to become more sustainable. This is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with other companies committed to achieving a more sustainable future and for local companies to share ideas on how this can be achieved and implemented.

We are also part of the Zellar pilot scheme, a new sustainability platform, which allows businesses to measure their level of sustainability in the business, offering targeted support and quantifiable targets to hit, to improve their sustainability rating.


SH Projects has committed to planting one tree for every project we complete. Each tree is planted by eForests in a UK woodland or nature reserve. eForests plant trees around the UK in community woodlands, nature reserves, community farms and urban areas.

Check out how many trees we have already planted on our tree counter below!


We are constantly exploring ways of how our promotional materials can be sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Our new A5 branded notebooks are made of RPET fabric, recycled PET plastic and recycled paper.

Each year, we go through so many pens that we didn’t want to be contributing to an already growing problem of plastic waste disposal. That’s why we have invested in pens which are made of 48% wheat straw! Sustainable and durable, these are a great alternative to using plastic pens.


We are fully committed to offering an extensive range of alternative environmentally friendly options to clients who wish to use more sustainable materials in their projects.
If you would like to discuss incorporating more sustainable products in your upcoming project, we’d love to chat to you!
We are able to offer options for (but not limited to) the following:

  • Part recycled paint
  • Used carpet tiles (graded A-C)
  • Flooring sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Sheep’s wool thermal and acoustic insulation/acoustic underlay
  • Sustainable furniture
  • Eco-friendly plastic building materials
  • Terrazzo
  • Plants (live and artificial), trees, green walls, flowering displays
  • Recycled glass worktops

Once the project is complete, we have relationships with suppliers who will ensure any steel and plasterboard on our sites are fully recycled to minimize waste and the impact on the environment.