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Our team is passionate about the work we deliver, always ensuring that each client is delighted with the end result. There is no better feeling than a client telling us how delighted they are with their new workplace environment.

It is our ambition to bring workplaces to life, so our clients can get the best out of their workforce. This is achieved through hard work, passion and commitment throughout the project life cycle. We know that communication is key to any project running smoothly and will keep you updated on progress throughout.

We understand that refurbishment and development can be stressful, so it is our aim to remove this and make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Our Story

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SH Projects brings together over 14 years’ experience within the construction industry, spanning heavy construction projects, such as schools and universities, to development of existing live warehouses and retail environments, refurbishment and new build of office spaces and much more.

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Agile Work Spaces100%
Full Fit Out Solutions100%
Project Management Solutions100%
Commercial Warehousing100%

Introducing Sam Harper

As with any passion, its roots usually go back to family. My father first got me hooked on construction, whilst he was building his own house. From demolition through to decoration and furnishings, I saw him, and the house grow, and this sparked my passion for construction.

With a degree in Construction Management, I have worked on a wide variety of construction projects but found my place and true passion in the fitout market and now am proud to run SH Projects.

As every project is always different, I find it very rewarding to create environments and workspaces that help people reach their full potential. What a feeling when a customer walks into a space, smiles and says “wow” – there is none better!

My Commitment

Construction projects are often challenging, and this is why I take great pleasure in creating amazing feelings for our customers from the spaces we create for them. It is very important that my team and I always come to work with a smile, and this is achieved as we work relentlessly as a team during the whole construction process.

I understand that our supply chain is valuable, and without their commitment we could not create stunning spaces. It is important that every project is carried out with the best ethos possible, so we create the environments you desire.

My Motivation

Running a family business brings me great pleasure. I get to share with my family, including my 3 daughters, what I have been doing each day and show them how that shapes our future together. I am already seeing early signs of potential architects and engineers in the making, and I would love for them to continue this family business in the future one day.